Hey There, Thanks for coming back to the channel.

This is DigiBeard with you again. Today, I’m going to talk with you about Raspberry Pi’s. Unforunately, these aren’t edible, that is probably the older joke ever told about the Raspberry Pi but there you have it again, sorry about that.

These amazing little computers are about $35 just for the little credit-card sized board itself. Of course, you’ll want to bear in mind that, you know, you’ll have shipping and handling charges and likely sales tax. That little computer there…There’s actually a foundation called the Raspberry Pi Foundation. They…

Hey Everyone, Welcome back to the channel.

Today, I’m going to show you the process that I use when I am lubing Cherry MX mechanical switches.

So, some of the supplies that you’ll want…This is a way to customize how it feels for you. I’m using tactile switches and that’s going to come into play a little bit later. There’s a section that you do want to lube on every switch and then there’s a couple spots that you don’t…

So you’ll want your switch. I’ve got one of the Drop pandas here, my lubes that I tend to…

Hi There,

Thank you for stopping by. I’m going to be DigiBeard here on YouTube.

I have a lot. A. LOT. Of projects. And I have had no motivation because of *Gestures Broadly* just everything in the world this past while. Its been bad, been bad. I have gotten a whole lot of cool stuff and I keep getting cool stuff to then think, “I’m going to learn about it” or “I’m going to put it together” and “I’m going to make a neat video tutorial or what have you about that thing…” Aaaaand none of that ever happens…

Howdy, howdy.

I apologize for the lack of updates over the past little while. I’ve progressed well in my studies and only lack the A+ certifications that the program I’m in requires to move forward for enrollment into the cybersecurity degree program.

The purpose of the blog I’ve been maintaining here will shift after this post. I removed older posts as (note: they’re probably still cached someplace…) they no longer seemed relevant. I plan to move this blog into a more free-form expression of my absolute boredom. I have lots of hobbies and enjoy tinkering and hopefully others can learn along with me.

Moving ahead, I’ll continue to post. It just won’t be always about cybersecurity. I will tag new posts appropriately. If you have a topic you don’t see covered elsewhere on the internet, leave a comment and if I can cover it well, I will.

Image Courtesy: Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Hello There,

I graduated high school in 2002. This is the start of my journey from a high school graduate through to my intended career goal of Cyber Security.

To start, I decided to do something that many know-it-all 17 year olds choose: The Gap Year. I knew the best route to take hold of my future was to take a year off before choosing to enter any form of higher education. In hindsight, this was a terrible idea, at least for me personally. I never found the time to return to college and never earned any sort of degree.

Colonel Panic

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