DigiBeard Does A Thing…? Intro and Purpose of the channel — Transcript

Hi There,

Thank you for stopping by. I’m going to be DigiBeard here on YouTube.

I have a lot. A. LOT. Of projects. And I have had no motivation because of *Gestures Broadly* just everything in the world this past while. Its been bad, been bad. I have gotten a whole lot of cool stuff and I keep getting cool stuff to then think, “I’m going to learn about it” or “I’m going to put it together” and “I’m going to make a neat video tutorial or what have you about that thing…” Aaaaand none of that ever happens. So, as I am drowning in projects and I’m here in my spare room, I’m going to start going through those. We can watch together, you can learn from my mistakes and help me celebrate my successes. You can kind of help guide me on how things will go.

This is an idea of how much I have waiting to be worked on.

*Screenshots of individual projects*

That one will end up being a raspberry pi KVM, very nice. I’ve got some key caps here, I believe that’s what that is…That might actually be one of my keyboards I had ordered. I’ve got a macro pad that I’m going to try and solder. This is something cool that goes along with trying to do some modifications on that (Keychron keyboard). I have a mic that I need to actually…You know, do stuff with.

Oh, cooool. I have been looking for dice, I don’t know how those got in there…We’ve got keyboard foams, we have golly, we have an entire keyboard, PCB, keys, etc switches all of that that’s in there. Huh, what is this? Oh, oh yet another, ANOTHER keyboard to actually practice and improve my soldering. A Drop keyboard that I really didn’t like but we’re going to see about fixing that problem.

I’ve got a ton of single board computer stuff, that in particular is one of the Odroid N2+’s. I wanted to work on at some point, this is a TuringPi, the version 1.0 which supports the Raspberry Pi 3 computer module…I have not worked with that whatsoever.

More things I have…I have got a bunch of cool stuff related to Arduino, I’ve got some DuPont wires. I’ve got a whole bunch of sensors, I’ve got a whole bunch of kits to figure that sort of stuff out. So, there’s that sucker there. Oh, there’s my DuPont wires, yeehaw.

All of this, if you can imagine these are ESP32’s I want to say…There is another bunch of odd various bits and pieces…They’re related to a whole lot of Raspberry Pi projects I have in mind. These are all the various little cases that I have gotten put together, nice little fancy, fancy there with some other cool stuff in it…There are various switches, there’s various “I don’t even know’s.”

We’ll go over some, we’ll go through that stuff…If you guys all want to, we can talk about some of the projects that I like, I am a Linux user so you’re going to see quite a bit of stuff about that, I have an unraid server, I have a lot of stuff about that I can use to hopefully entertain you to some degree. Some, Something but there are a whole bunch of things we can discuss.

So, stay tuned and we’ll work on that next.